Customized Google-map Display Using Android

Project Title: Customized Google-map Display Using Android

Technology used:  Android Servlet Development Kit

Droid Draw: GUI for Android

Programming Language:  Java

IDE: Net Beans

Development Tool: Professional Android Application Development

Project Description:

To develop Customized Google-map Display Using Android application which results in providing the user the customized information regarding mapping of places with user defined details and corrects the information using Google maps through android mobile application.

This Project was done with Java Programming Language & Net Beans IDE tool. The technology used in this project is Android Servlet Development Kit & Professional Android Application Development tool. This Project was done at M Tech Level.

Customized Google-map Display Using Android Java application

4 Replies to “Customized Google-map Display Using Android”

  1. I want to use “customized Google-Map Display” as my project. i have downloaded the file..How do i use it? Plzz help me..

  2. if u r using eclipse IDE then just download the files and add it in workspace the downloaded folder…
    file>import>android/exsisting android code into workspace

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