google android white paper

This google android white paper gives a modest introduction to Google Android. After reading this google android white paper reader get answer to lots of questions like why Android come into picture, what Android is, and How to work on Android platform? I tried to make reader acquainted with Android, so that the benefits of Android will get highlighted, and reader will able to set up Android development environment & code-build-run first “Hello World” Android program. This white paper is also putting some light on using and building Android source code which is freely available on Android site.

The attached Document contains the below Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION to attached document

2. Why Android Software?

3. Android Application Architecture

3.1 Applications & Features

3.2 Application Framework

3.3 Libraries

3.4 Run time Android

3.5 Kernel

4. What Androids Are Made Of

4.1 Activities

4.2 Content Providers

5. Other Android features

5.1 Storage features

5.2 Network features

5.3 Multimedia features

6. Android Basics

6.1 Android software development kit (SDK)

6. 2 Configuring Eclipse for Android Plugins

6.3 Creating New Android Project

6.4 Adding “Hello World” code

6.5 Running first Android program

7. Android Source code

7.1 Android source tree

7.2 How to take source code and use it?

7.2.1 Setting up Linux machine

7.2.2 Installing Repo

7.2.3 Initializing a Repo client

7.2.4 Getting the files

7.2.5 Verifying Git Tags

7.2.6 Building the code

7.2.7 Using an integrated development environment (IDE)

7.3 Getting Android X86 & X64 code

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