Google Map Based Event Management Portal

  • Project Name:    Google Map Based Event Management Portal

Software Tools and Technologies: Adobe Flex, Action Script, Java Script, Google Map API, Tomcat 5.5 server, and Oracle 9i database server.     

Project Description: The main objective of developing this Google Map Based Event Management Portal Java based web application is to provide an efficient event management tool for all web users under Google maps.

This project was developed with Java, Action Script, and Adobe flex and all internet users should register through the web page first and by clicking on the location to know if any events are conducting.

This software application provides us all events going on at the location and give us detailed information about each event and provide online tickets to join into the event.

The one more advantage of this java project is to provide simple chat system for communicating with other members who want to join into the same event.

Google Map application used to know the location over the internet.

Google Map Based Event Management Portal Java Project Documentation, paper Presentation, and Source code.

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  1. if u cant provide with the source code den plz do remove the tag “Google Map Based Event Management Portal…Source code” its provided oly with ppt and a doc… 🙁

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