CSE Thesis Submited by IIT Students on Creating Virtual Environment for Interactive Learning

Introduction to Creating Virtual Environment for Interactive Learning Thesis:

Now a day’s Internet was growing fastly and using the internet also increasing. While researching the distance education this internet played important role. By using the innovative uses of the internet in order to deliver the information regarding various learning environments which are running presently. In the internet Virtual classrooms, Virtual workshops and Virtual Universities are jumping up at different locations. The information can be delivered in the form two ways they are synchronous manner and asynchronous manner.

Based on the time gap involved between process of information sending by the instructor and this information is received by the learner. The information delivery in the asynchronous manner is the instructor sends the information at one point of time and the learner receives the data in another point of time. But in the synchronous manner both the sending and receiving the information can be done at same point. This work find out the issue of the synchronous delivery of information in the internet by observing the issues that arise there from finding the solution to those issues.

The main function of this project is to solve the problems from the asynchronous manner. So in order to solve those issues we are using the multimedia tools across the internet and this solution is used for the forward step for the various fields of continuing and distance education over the internet.

In order to increase the effectiveness of distance education using the internet by using the prototype software. It consists of two sets of interfaces to be used at the instructor side and learner side

The people proposed new technology called as “Virtual Lecture Hall” based on this concept in order to increase the effectiveness Distance learning education and solve the different issues generated from it.

Download  CSE Thesis Submited by IIT Students on Creating Virtual Environment for Interactive Learning.

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