Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm PPT

The Artificial Bee Colony abbreviated as the ABC is the biggest launches of the algorithm history which was developed by the person named Dervis Karaboga in the year 2005, while the development of the system was some how impressed by the honey bees. This device is developed by the inspection of the nature and the behavior of the honey bees. This helps in searching the material like the nectar and the detail summary and the information of the food materials in the home or the honey comb of the honey bees.

The bees have their own type of behavior that they always follow and that are in the food sources is that the bees has all it to nest, they have a lot of target or aim at the energy departments. They have a lot of easy tricks to gain a great amount of energy too. The bees that are completely employed they have the great information about the sources of the food chain. They exactly know the total distance and the direction of the nest from the way they are. They maintain the exact profits of the desired sources too. There are also two more type of bees like the scout bees and the onlooker bees.

The applications that are related to this are the total number of the problem and the issues of the optimizer  solving the optimizer problem, normal training of the desired networks and also building the structure of the optimizer. The instrumentation of Artificial Bee colony has been clearly distinguished with the different application in the on growing evolution of the Industries too. But there are also some limitations that are observed here like the numerical problems and the behavior  Here the Artificial Bee Colony algorithm has performed better than the other algorithms that are currently working in the Industries.

Download Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm PPT .

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