Online Web store Java Project Report

Introduction to Online Web store Java Project:

The Online Web store is an online internet Portal where the digital shops present for the shoppers, the shop owners has to be provided by the necessary space and links for the business dealings. The two parts of the application has been prepared, one for the online shop owners to do business and the other for the shoppers for the buying goods. 

The online web store is made for the above mention users. The web portal has huge capacity to posses the various and numerous stores. The particular shop is made for the single owner. The online web store is a new generation shopping mall which is created for the technology savvy people such as business owner and the shopper for the selling and buying of the goods.

The online web store should have an administrator to manage the business deals and spaces for the owners. The web store should have three different types of users to login to the site, one is the shop owners, second are the shoppers to buy goods and the third one is the administrator who has authorized to regulate the web store. The job of the administrator is to make a space for the business owner and the observation of the business deals in legally.

The online web store includes the digital go down that has been managed by the administrator. The every shop owner has to be given a separated place to make storage of their goods and make it visible to the customers. The administrator manages the go down or online warehouse to accept requisitions for the goods by the owners for sale purpose by which the administrator can watch on the business and keep information for every good.

The person who wants to buy a space in the online web store as a owner is kept in the database. The shop owner has to take a rent space by paying some price for the space. The administrator will provide the goods for that owner from their go down.  The customer or the shopper has right to select a particular shop to purchase the goods.

The Existing System

The existing system is good but the customer has to visit the shop personally to buy goods. The customer needs time to visit and need to travel to shop. The shop owner may or may not show the goods properly.

The Proposed System

The web store provides the space for the shop owners to start a new business in a easy way. The user can purchase of his or her interest online. The web store makes the user like a huge shopping mall. The web store has three modules, the admin module, the vendor module and the visitor module.

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