Crime Reporting Management System Project in Java

Developing an online comprehensive Crime Reporting Management System Project in Java to improve the communication between police and public which helps to improve the time utilization for solving crimes and not much time is wasted to communicate with police. So, to reduce the time and increase problem solving efficiency in time period, this application will be more helpful.

Crime Reporting Management System


Crime Reporting Management System Over view:

The Administrator is the key person for the entire application. He maintains all the users details, manages and view graphs, logs, alerts, help book, maintains backup, generates reports. He also has secure registration. He can communicate with the other users through chat; besides can send mails to the users.

A police also have secure registration. He views the crime report sent by the public and starts investigation on the case.  He verifies whether all the proofs attached to it are valid or not and take the next step in the investigation. After the investigation, he sends the report containing the proofs to the administrator and closes the case. During the investigation, he sets the status of the case to make aware of the public and the admin. After the submission, FIR form is filled. He can communicate with the other users through chat; besides can send mails to the admin and public.

User can report through online by filling the report form. This form has different fields to describe the crime details regarding the crime type, details of victims, suspects, reporters. They can check the status of their case through progress tracking. Proofs should also be submitted along with the report.

They can also assign the case to security agents, detectives also. Public may communicate with all the other users through mails, chat. To make the people aware of the crime and criminals, alerts are included in the application. Along with this, first-aid information, help book are there to guide the people in emergency. Feedback form is also included in the application to improve the efficiency of the system.

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