Laboratory Management System Project in Java

The security of the data is provided through authenticated users in Laboratory Management System Project in Java, one can view and update the data upto   their access permissions only. The information regarding to tasks is provided through syntaxes and sample programs about that lab.

Laboratory Management System

          Faculty is able to post and update marks of students. All the users of automation of lab tasks can give and view the feedback and faculty is able to provide notices related to tasks, like date of task submission, dates of lab examinations. The students are provided permissions to view the notices only. Once the student logged into the lab automatically his/her attendance marks will be posted.

         Administrator maintains database and solves if any technical problems occurred by using technologies like servlets, jsps using tomcat server and can retrieve the data from database using oracle 10g.

Laboratory Management System Purpose And Scope:

  • Purpose:providing security to all records
  •   Scope:  1) providing access to only authenticated users .          

        2) Know updated notices,

        3) View marks posted.

       4)  View all data related to lab tasks.

Youtube video link to view design details and screen shots.

Users Of The System:

  • Student.
  • Faculty .
  • Administrator. 

Students: He is a main users to utilizes the services of our system.He/she is guided through sample programs and syntaxes by our system.Students are able to give their feedback and view latest 

 Faculty :Report generation is performed by faculty .He/she is able to maintain the database dynamically.He/she will give notices and latest updates regarding the labs.He/she gives guidance to students. 

Admin is to maintain the database and to  solve  any technical problems if occurs. 

Functional  Requirements:

1)      Complete information regarding lab tasks should be provided.

2)      Only Authenticated users can view and update the data.

3)      Administrator maintains the database.

4)       Notices and feedback should be provided by authenticated users.

5)      Report generation should be performed dynamically.

6)      Provide logins to the student, faculty, and administrator.

7)      Students can view the data up to their access permissions only.

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