Corporate Recruitment System CRS .Net Project

Corporate recruitment system(CRS) is a project which is web based tool to reduce communication gap between job providers and job seekers. The main thing done by this project is it makes the recruitment process easy for any organization. This application mainly deals with job providers and job seekers. Corporate recruitment system allows job seekers to get registered with the company/organization.

They need to give their details like education,personal,skills and experience with the system. It provides the job providers to post their requirements with the system. They can even post the valid information regarding the job to the job seekers. Updates can also be posted in this application.

Corporate recruitment system makes things easier to job providers such as giving the information about the companies which are  in need of employees. Job seekers who  are in need of job for both fresher’s and experienced can get a correct information by this application. The main aim of this application is to provide information about vacancies available for job seekers without talking any charge from them in it technologies. Corporate recruitment system will automatically send mails to all job seekers whose skills are matched with the requirement.

This application provides service to job applications to search for working opportunities. If the provided opportunities is found  by the user he may be able to make an application online. This application is to provide all the available vacancies to be posted online. This site will offer employees  to post their vacancies online and to review and manage the resulting applications efficiently through the web with the help of the CRS. CRS will allow job provider to establish one to one relationships with candidates, by keeping in close communications with them throughout the application, interview, and hiring process. It even allows the candidates to track the progress of their application.

Features :

  • This project is  used easily in the process of making decisions in  new recruitments.
  • Effective way of providing communication between job providers and job seekers.
  • Reliable and consistent way of searching jobs.
  • Conducting secured and restricted online exam for screened employees.
  • Sending Email notification to all job seekers.


  • Designing and implementing the new links.
  • Designing and implementing the system for its users.
  • Arranging new links as subject wise.

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