Computer Seminar Topic with Report on Gigabit Networking High-Speed Routing and Switching

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Gigabit Networking High-Speed Routing and Switching:

Computer Networks have evolved a great deal in the last ten years or so. These changes include a significant improvement in network speed, latency and issues relating to physical media and computer architecture.

The demand for new services and the introduction of modern technologies motivated the development of improved computer networks.

Modern computer Networks have transformed into a new technology. The way basic designs and principles are updated will affect the way gigabit networks will be handled.

This Report focuses on the recent development of gigabit networking.

The Report zones in on a few issues namely: the basic idea of gigabit networking, high-speed switching and routing issues, different routing protocols, congestion control as well as modern gigabit technologies.


At present in our life computer is very much essential. When computer discovered it can’t be able to handle huge bulk of data.

But today Computer networks are capable of operating at gigabit speeds have greatly helped the development and advancement in the fields of computer systems, computing applications, fiber optics, data communications and internet networks.

Modern day optical fiber technology and signaling equipment with the ability to transfer gigabits of data every second with very low error rates over long distances have helped researchers to believe that gigabit networks will be technologically feasible.

An advance in technology has helped realize the goal of a tremendous increase in the power and bandwidth of computing systems at an affordable price.

The extremely fast CPU’s (refer to list of acronyms), memory and high speed buses is evidence of this increase.

Moore’s Law states that processor speed doubles every eighteen months, although nowadays speed is increasing faster at the rate of 1.78 per year.

High bandwidth storage systems have helped to increase performance a great deal, RAID, a technology which allows extremely high speed file systems have made gigabit file systems a reality.

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