Computer Forensics CSE Seminar Topic and Report for Final Year Students

Introduction to Computer Forensics  Seminar Topic:

The process of identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting legally acceptable evidence is termed as Computer Forensics. Computer forensics services are very much useful in professional environment and in corporate consulting.


Computer forensics services are useful services for both private and government organizations during audits. The main parts of computer forensics are Forensic Data Recovery (FDR) and Incident Response Systems (IRS).  There are existing laws which supports computer forensics in criminal as well as civil litigations.  Security risk management, electronic document discovery and Data recovery are carried out using the computer forensics tools.  Computer forensics services are also useful for disputes resolution and to provide an expert witness testimony.  

These services can be availed in the compliance of proactive reviews, risk management and in investigations of specific allegations. The protection of intellectual property and the corporate assets are also a major services provided by computer forensics system.  These services can be applied for individual case studies which involves personal issues. Computer forensics helps in considering intentional misuse of privacy or personal information as a legal case. Data recovery problems are can address by this computer forensics system.

The common applications of a computer forensics are financial fraud detection, criminal prosecution and civil litigations.  In addition to cyber crimes, criminal are using computers for many criminal activities, in such situations computer forensics plays vital role in further investigation.  Computer forensic investigation is useful for identification, acquisition, preservation, analysis and reporting of digital evidences.  


This paper discussed about the need of computer forensics. This system helps to store crucial electronic evidences and used them to prosecute individuals.  There is a need of cooperation from the private, public and international sectors to accomplish tasks using this computer forensic system. All stakeholders must exchange the information on cyber crimes so that it will be easy for a computer forensic system to detect and prevent such crimes. 

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