Agricultural Robotics ECE Seminar Topic Fulll Report

Introduction to Agricultural Robotics Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about the usage of robotics technologies in various fields and about an upcoming automation technology, Agricultural Robotics.  The main target of this technology is on how crop production can increase but not on how to replace human driver with a computer simply.


Agricultural robotics technology helps to produce qualitative products at higher speeds and with fewer errors.  Robotics helps in various fields like agriculture, medicine, mining and space researches. The major disadvantage of driverless machines for agriculture is liability. This technology can completely change cultural or emotional appeal of agriculture.  This technology is fully cost-effective.

Treeboot is a popular embedded network sensing technology. The main objective of Treeboot robots is to acquire information about the environment by making use of distributed sensors. The forester robot is used for cutting up of wood, harvesting pulp and hard wood in the forests. Robots are highly used in Horticulture to maintain lawns successfully.

The main features of these robots are no fumes, no oil leaks, and no pollution and whisper quiet operation. Fruit picking robots are useful for harvesting of crops. These robots are using video image capturing technique to distinguish leaves from fruits. In the last decade, there is a significant development in Agricultural robots.  Researches are still carrying out in designing these robots more efficient for better agriculture.


The robot-enhanced productivity is very high in agriculture immense and the robots are appearing on farms in various guises. The other problems associated with autonomous farm equipment are addressed with this technology. Crop production may be done better and cheaper with small machines than the larger ones. The non-farm community highly accepts the smaller machines. The jobs in agriculture includes highly repetitive decisions hence the robots can exactly substitutes human operators. The quality of the products can be highly sensed and verified by machines accurately.  The quality of our lives can be improved by robots by farming many qualitative crops but this process has its own drawbacks.

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