CSE Seminar Topic on Computer viruses

The research paper CSE Seminar Topic on Computer viruses describes extensively the concept of ‘Computer Viruses’ the possible threats and solutions. It starts by commenting on what a computer virus is. It says a virus is a program which reproduces its own code by attaching itself to other programs in such a way that the virus code is executed when the infected program is executed.

The research paper further explains virus saying that a virus can do anything that other programs do. The only difference is that it attaches itself to another program and execute secretly when the host program is run .once a virus is executing it can perform any function, such as  erasing files and programs.

What viruses do: viruses are potentially destructive software that spreads from program to program or from disk to disk. Computer viruses, like biological viruses, need a host to infect; in the case of computer viruses this host is an innocent program. If such a program is transferred to your PC, other programs on your PC will become infected. While most viruses haven’t been written to be destructive, almost all viruses can cause damage to your files–mostly because the viruses themselves are very poorly written programs. If viruses destroy nothing else, they destroy your trust in your PC–something that is quite valuable. Many types of viruses like logic worms, Trojans and worms have been described in the research paper.

Phases of Virus Attack: Viruses come in a great many different forms, but they all potentially have three phases to their execution, the dormant, the infection phase and the attack phase. The research paper identifies three types of virus: Boot sector virus, parasitic virus, stealth virus, polymorphic virus.


The research paper concludes on a note that the fundamental truth about computer viruses is that they are a people problem. People create viruses for various reasons. People disseminate virus infections either deliberately or as a result of the very human traits of innocence, ignorance, or carelessness. And the people who are the potential victims of this phenomenon can acquire the knowledge to turn a real threat into a reasonably calculated risk that they can solve.

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