Computer aided fatigue analysis of a bicycle Project

Project Title: Computer aided fatigue analysis of a bicycle

Project Description:

The structural members of a bicycle experience dynamic stress/strain during its life long usage. Fatigue design of such members is of great importance.

In this project, a bicycle will be instrumented and tested to obtain stress/strain time histories during some riding events on various road conditions. A finite element model of bicycle components will be created and FE-based fatigue analysis will be carried out to assess the fatigue life based on the measured loading conditions.

Virtual fatigue design can be further carried out to investigate different design options and make design improvements.

Product Details:

A review report on the fatigue design of bicycles.
The measured data from field tests.
An ANSYS finite element model of the selected bicycle components.
A report on all aspects of the project and the outcome of the investigations.

Resources Required:

nCode fatigue software
Two identical bicycles (one to be taken apart for modelling, another one to be instrumented for field test)
Transducers and data acquisition system.

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