Communication Skills Lab

The English Language Communication Skills Lab was a place where we could improve the required skills for the future use.

The activities conducted are of a great help to us.

With the help of these language lab sessions we could get rid of the stage fear and gain confidence to speak in front of the public.

The activities like group discussion, group enactment and product launching made to work as a team and exhibit everyone’s talent.

It also helped us to improve our leadership qualities and presentation skills.

The ice-breaker activity made us feel comfortable with each other.

The PowerPoint presentation helped us to present it better in a professional manner.

The other essential and important factor which made us feel professionals was the dress code.

The learning of phonetics helped us to pronounce the English words in a proper and in the manner.

We were also taught about how to learn and get grip over the language by:

  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills

This project helped us to get a better idea on what we have learnt in all the English sessions conducted so far.

Thus the English language communication skills lab was a great boon to all of us!!!!!

Download Engineering First Year Students Communication Skills Lab.

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