Improve Your English Communication Skills Seminar

Because of this English lab I had learnt lot of things such as to give power point presentations, just a minute (i.e speaking about any object with in a minute),phonetics group discussions and corporate style of walking ,dressing . I had learnt excellent communication skills .In communication skills  I had learnt to avoid jargon’s & many more from this lab.

Improve Your English Communication Skills Seminar:

ELC’S lab  has helped us in making myself perfect in every task that I perform and how to tackle the situations.
–    I have learned public speaking to over come MY stage fear and,
–    How to give presentations and about communication skills and debates which are very useful to hold my self perfect while interacting.
–    I have learned how to be self confident.
–    It helped me in every aspect, In each term without sticking on to a particular situation holding all the subjects.
–    It exposed myself very confident and I have learned good vocabulary and personality development,body language
–    The lab sessions are very useful and important to each and every professional student to see her/himself very successful in their career with flying colors.

In general task first we learn about phonetics.this phonetics contains vowels,dipthongs and consonants this help us in making our English this we can also learn about pronunciation.

Coming to next we ve done oral representation probably that helps us how to represent this we also come through our weaknesses in representation and try to over commit.

The third one is power point presentation the topics were given to us which i done better which is useful for our future for some official representation by this we can improve our vocabulary,speaking skills and much more.

And the last but not least is debate it is an excellent activity for language which is used to provide meaningful,listening,speaking and writing practice debate is also highly effictive for developing argument skills.

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