English Language Communication Skills Lab For JNTU Btech Students

English Language Communication Skills Lab For JNTU Btech Students is the place where we learnt many things regarding the English language such as phonetics, group discussions, debates, just a minute (jam), phone skills and also communication skills like speaking skills, learning skills and also the writing skills and also vocabulary.
              I forgot the stage fear  after entering into the English lab and participated in many activities and given the seminars in the lab.we had the joint sessions and we played debates,jam sessions.I should thankful to my mam for giving me such an opportunity to participate in language lab and telling us many things about the subject.
                       These are useful in many ways like interviews and in seminars. Now-a-days English language plays a vital role in our routine life. Where ever we go we can communicate in English and we also find every one speaking in English now-a-days.so learning English is very useful for us in many ways.
                               By giving the work like this project works we can improve our thinking power and this is also a useful thing for us which helps in improving our knowledge more. And this also improves our communication skills which is very important in these days. A person with good communication skill can achieve many things in life as he can communicate with every one in a good manner which impresses the person listening to him, and this makes a great impact on the person’s life.
                              We can present our talent with good presentation skills .we can reach our goals with a good presentation skills. Good presentation skills show our way of approach in presenting or skills.

Download English Language Communication Skills Lab For JNTU Btech Students.

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