Visual Basic Projects Report on Time Table Generation

Introduction to Time Table Generation:

This project targets to develop software for college in order to handle the ’ Time Table Formation’ for the pupil as well as staff. The head of every Department has problem in delegating work to their subordinates and response for the work position. This software resolves the problem by permitting the pupil and other employees to see their assigned subject and Time-table.

This software helps to handle the particulars of the Time-table of pupil and staff. Visual Basic. NET is employed as front end which is used to craft the user interface. Microsoft Access  is employed as back end and used to craft the database and save the particulars. Anybody with a little computer knowledge can approach and deal with the software with ease, hence it can be termed user-friendly. It also offers security to the users by offering perfect login.

The modules of this project include

  • Course description
  • Department description
  • Employee description
  • Time Table assignment description
  • Subject description

The shortcomings of the existing system:

  • The handling of the augmented source document due to augmented transaction makes the maintenance tough.
  • Maintenance also suffers in case of a wrong pupil or employee entry. 

 The benefits of the suggested system:

  • Offers precise information
  • Eases the manual work
  • It lessens the functions related to  documentation
  • Offers current information
  • Amicable environment by sending caution  messages

Hardware Requirements:

The system should have a Pentium IV processor, a RAM of 1 GB, a 15” color Monitor, a Hard Disk of 80 GB, an LG 52x CD Drive, a Logitech keyboard and mouse.

Software Requirements:

A microsoft Windows XP platform, a Front end-VB.Net, a Back end-MS Access and Environment – Microsoft Visual Studio.Net2005 are required.

Download Visual Basic Projects Report on Time Table Generation .

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