College Fest HTML Project Report


In India, the celebration of culture fest is an annual cultural event organized by a group of students and participants from other universities that accompany the university or university. Professional artists are usually invited and many competitions are held for students. Although some universities claim public acceptance, the celebration is sponsored by sponsors.

Problem Definition

The event is organized by almost all universities, but all work is done by hand. The proper event is then asked whether the student will process or not and then all the information is stored manually in the file. Most colleges have web pages that are specific to the event they are hosting, but this site works to provide information about some of the events that will take place at this university to inform other students.

Students also do not have a good search platform to start again
There is no Android application or event management or corporate web application to set up automatic records and also show participants all events that can be registered and online that can be scheduled


The proposed system will produce:
– The communication gap between teachers and student coordinators has been reduced.
-Teachers can see all the events and can participate according to their interests.
– Any changes in the schedule are easily reported to all student coordinators and participants in the event.
-Remember daily to participants about the event.

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