CMS and Social Networking Project in PHP

Project Summary :

It is an online application that allows people from different backgrounds to interact and built professional and social relation. This project is specially developed for student and alumni.

CMS & Social Networking Home Page

This project have two registration options one for alumni and other for current students, the profile of alumni can be viewed by registered students and as per the interest of the students, alumni and students can make connection links and view each other’s profiles this will help students in career counseling. Through this students will be able to understand the market conditions required for job, and the students can prepare well in advance.

This project includes features like chatting, messaging ,adding connection etc. Messaging feature will be for all. Anyone can send message without adding them as a link. The students are very much benefitted with the help of this project as they can now create contacts with the industry people and can have knowledge about the working environment of the industry. The students can prepare themselves for the industry as they can have knowledge in advance about the work culture and the way how to get professionally groomed.

A profile will be made for both student and alumni. In alumni’s profile all the details of the professional and educational criteria will be provided. The students can select the alumni of their interest and they both can interact once the connection is established.

A better security method will be used to secure the details of the user like their passwords and profile details. 

DataFlow Diagram for CMS

Methodology to be Adopted: 

Methodology adopted for the project is Software Development Life Cycle.

The SDLC has following phases:

1) Requirement analysis

2) Feasibility study

3) Analysis

4) Design

5) Implement

6) Test

7) Maintain 

Resource requirement (Hardware & software etc) 

Software Requirements:

Operating System                   :                       Windows 7/8

User Interface                         :                       HTML, CSS 3

Client-side Scripting               :                       JavaScript, jquery

Programming Language          :                       PHP

Database                                 :                       MYSQL

Localhost                               :  Wampserver

Hardware Requirements:

Processor                                             :                       Pentium IV

Hard Disk                                           :                       40GB

RAM                                                   :                       512MB or more

Justification of the project:

This project is a better option for students and alumni only as they can get connected with each other and it is particularly  developed for having an advantage to student for better career counseling while studying  and  for alumni’s it will be helpful to find a employee.

Basically this project is at university level (initially).

Direction of project/Future work plan:

  • LOGIN page developed and designed .
  • Working on profile page.
  • To develop chat option.
  • To develop blogging feature.
  • Connectivity with database.

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