Business Analysis Report of Health Medical Insurance Company

Evaluation of company analysis is deals with financial performance and the status of the selected company by analyzing the stare prices, assets, liabilities etc., which shall enable investors to take decision on investing in shares of the particular company. In this Study the Health Medical Insurance Company is the organization which has been taken for evaluation and analysis of the company. 2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21 financial statements and stock movement in share market is been considered for analysis in this assignment.

Objectives of the Study:

  • To understand the concept of Company analysis with respect to financials.
  • To Analyze the Financial position of Health Medical Insurance Company.
  • To do data analysis & Interpretation which shall enable investors to take decision on investing opportunities.

Need of the Study:

Now a days the Investments in companies through stock markets has become prominent and individuals are investing their hard owned in stock markets and there are many cases of break even, loss gain etc., as the share market prices are not stable, and they fluctuate hence this type of analysis helps investors to take better decisions at the time of Investments. Hence there is need for this type of company evaluation and analysis.

Scope of the study:

The scope of the study is confined to Health Medical Insurance Company and there is no comparative study with any other company. The data from 31st December 2018 to 31st December 2021 is been taken for analysis. The financial and non financial data taken from their website and the scope was limited as the capital budgeting, expansion or diversifications, budget allocations after 31st December 2021 is not in the scope. The scope is all about financial and company related data available on website and other resources.

 Evaluation Methodology: 

Primary Data: The primary data is been collected from the company website, articles and journals etc., which are relevant for the study.

Secondary Data: The secondary data is been collected from Australian stock exchange and through other sources which are essential for data analysis and interpretation.

Review of Literature: There are multiple aspects involved in this study, they are financial and accounting concepts like ratio analysis, Share price fluctuations, WACC calculation, Capital structure, etc., and the other side evaluation techniques, Company profile, analyzing the data etc., needs conceptual knowledge and in literature review all concepts which shall help in finalizing the study were covered in this chapter.

Data Analysis & Interpretation: The Financial data of Health Medical Insurance Company is been analyzed by using accounting principles and the formulas which shall enable to do findings and the same shall lead to recommendations and conclusion and the same is been done under this chapter.

Findings: After data analysis there will be few points which outcomes of the analysis are Included in this chapter.

Recommendations: After identifying gaps or the findings, proposing the recommendations based on analysis and findings are covered in this chapter

Conclusion: This chapter contains a small brief about the study and its outcome and whether it is a right decision to invest in Health Medical Insurance Company or not and the current position of Health Medical Insurance Company and future scope of Health Medical Insurance Company are covered in this chapter.


In websites and financial statements which they publish are only consolidated ones where as detailed transactions of cash flows, funds flows, fixed assets and their values, variable assets and their values cannot be studied in detail to have further better understanding of the financial position of the Health Medical Insurance Company.

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