Java Intranet Management System(JIMS) Java Project with Source Code

Project Title: Java Intranet Management System(JIMS) Java Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  JSP, SQL Server, Java Script, HTML, CSS.

Project Description:  The main objective of developing this Java Intranet Management System(JIMS) is to provide the best and effective communication system over the LAN. 

This project was designed with Java server classes and all other local system clients over the LAN can be communicated with sockets.

The server over the LAN takes place to share the resources to all the clients and provide effective communication and this web application can be worked as the web chatting messenger like Yahoo.

Here this system architecture works with server and clients using sockets, before sending the message from source to destination this system creates a path and establish a connection between these clients after sending the data successfully it will automatically close the established connection.

This windows application can be worked as intranet chatting system over the network. This final year java project can be implemented on the internet also.

Java Intranet Management System(JIMS) J2EE Project Source code, Documentation, Abstract, Paper Presentation ppt, Database File, Screen Shots.

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  1. Its a very good java project indeed. But i don’t know how to execute or run this java project. Please help me. Is it a java or jsp project??? The codes are in .java not .jsp. Please mention the software’s,addons,environment used to debelov this project. It will be very helpful. Please help.

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