DakNet Seminar Topic

DakNet-Seminar-Topic.DarkNet Seminar Topic explains about implementing broadband service methodology through which internet services can be reached to rural areas in county like india. This paper explains in detail about Background of communication in rural areas, wireless revolution details, Ad Hoc connectivity, Darknet operations and advantages of Dark Net.

Dark Net had created a concept to use WIFI/802.11x wireless communication technology for providing universal broad band communication to rural areas. In order to provide wireless communication to rural area installing cost for circuit switched communication will not be possible so cost effective idea must be implemented. DarkNet technology will provide asynchronous mode of communication by using ICTs which will reduce communication cost for end user. In this technology wireless vehicle will act as medium between MCT’s and end user.

With this technology rural areas can use basic facilities like voice messages, text messages and email services. Bhoomi is the first services that are using this technology for providing land documents information in Karnataka.

download DakNet Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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