Blood Bank Management System Web Application

Blood Bank Management System is a Web application which stores the information of all users with their Blood Group,Contact numbers,email id and it includes features like To whom they can donate the Blood ,No. of times they have donated the Blood , Do they charge anything for donating Blood and is there any Food requirements for them after donating Blood etc.

Each nurse who is managing incoming donors will need a password to ensure that only authorized staff can see and change data. That password should change daily, too, and each password should only allow access to THAT DAY’s data. A Manger password should allow access to all of the data, too.

Each donor should be allowed to see, but not change, his/her record, so he/she will will need unique password access to his/her own data, and must not be able to see anyone else’s data. Each donor will need a clear Demographics record, that includes address, phone, email, and some identification such as driver’s license number, state, and expiration date. (In other words, when making a donation, there needs to be a way to confirm the correct person has presented him/herself.

The person’s blood type can be part of the Demographics, and it should be limited to the valid blood types that exist A, B, O, positive and negative, etc. If the person has food/drink allergies for post-donation nourishment, it can be noted here, too.

A donation record should be created, too, for each donation event. Date, time, location, nurse/person doing the initial screening, claimed weight (and measured weight, if doubt if the person can safely give blood), measured blood pressure, temperature, the anemia test that is done with a droplet of blood, and answers to several common screening questions, such as: contact with anyone with HIV/AIDS, TB, hepatitis, or any other infectious diseases, any recent fevers or other illnesses, and use of injected drugs.

The donation record should include a place for Serial Number of the collection bags and test tubes used for the donation. Also, the nurse who does the actual donation collection should be noted, and the approximate length of time the person stayed and rested after donating the blood.

The donation record should have a place to indicate if and when the person’s blood was rejected, which sometimes happens if the above questions raise alarm or if random testing reveals an infectious disease or other problem.

A case number should be recorded if the blood was rejected for future follow-up. Ideally, too, the patient data should be kept in an encrypted folder, to make hacking and tampering difficult or impossible.

Software retirements of Blood Bank Management System Web Application are HTML,CSS,Java Scrip,Java,JSP,my SQL,PHP etc.,

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