B.tech Final Year SOS Project in .Net with Report

Introduction to SOS Project in .Net:

SOS project is made with an objective to provide flexibility for the automatic sending of messages to those contacts that have already been configured through the use of this application by the users with a single press of the key. This system is very useful in case of any sort of accident and it can also help in saving the life of a human.

  • A mobile phone that is activated by the SOS system remains in that mode till the emergency center switch it off due to some reasons. In case of power off also this mode will remain active. 
  • If you triggered the SOS mode any how it will show pre warnings so that you can get alerts and make the necessary changes to put it back in the active mode. 
  • This system is almost like the red chain facility that is available on a local train. 
  • If you want to enter into the “SOS Mode of Operation” then you have to do that via dial the number E112 or with a special combo of mobile keys.
  • In the near locality that is almost within a 50 m distance SOS messages are sent using weak levels of power to trigger them. 
  • To inform the person about the emergency of the situation SOS receiving phones start showing displays and tones for alarms. 
  • SOS mode is nowadays introduced in almost all phones.
  • SOS message will be received by everyone who is authorized people on their mobile handset.
  • These messages are sent after a definite interval of time along with location, measurements and information’s.
  • The receiver of the SOS message will compare their own measurements and make the distance calculation as well as of direction to a certain couple of meters.

This is a very handy and important system for remaining safe and getting help in emergency situations.

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