Complete Self protection Technology to Minimize the Failures of Distribution Transformer

Complete Self protection Technology to Minimize the Failures of Distribution Transformer: The failure of secondary distribution transformer in power systems described as one of the tragedies of distribution system management in countries like India. With the advent of CSP technology, there is a progressive high performance distribution transforms that mitigate the operation and maintenance problems related with conventional transformers.

CSP technology helps a transformer to protect from faults CSP system. The components are primary fuse used as internal expulsion fuse for system protection and secondary circuit breaker used for overload and secondary fault protection, signal light, the emergency control magnetic trip and surge arrester used for lightning protection.

CSP technology helps the transformer in thermal protection and other important function of CSP technology is use of CSP circuit breaker for secondary fault protection. Therefore the construction consists of circuit breaker along with temperature sensing, latching, tripping and current interrupter.

The coordination between the primary fuse and secondary circuit breaker to perform the task is an important task done by the CSP transformer. CSP technology is low installed cost and requires less time for installation, safe operation and more reliable service.

Transformer is an apparatus of static piece which helps in transforming power from one circuit to another without the change in frequency. It raises or lowers the voltage as current decreases or increases. Transformers have two conducting coils that are linked by a common magnetic flux by a path of low reluctance. The coil that receives power is called primary winding and the coil that delivers the power is called secondary winding and both these coils are wound on a laminated magnetic core material.

The transformer is used depending upon the requirement. Transformer efficiency and performance is unaltered.


CSP technology has a high performance distribution transformer and better distribution system management. It enables a transformer to protect itself from failures. The transformer protects from over loads.

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