StellarStudent College Student and Faculty Communication Project

StellarStudent is a web application that deals with students and faculty. Ever since digitalization started in the country, schools and colleges want the best way possible to share information with their students. Some colleges use Google Drive or Whats app to share materials or collect other documents. However, the chance of data loss or misplacement is guaranteed. It is better for the college to have an admin who can look after all the happenings on the college website with just one click. With high security and validations of users, the chances of data misplacement are low with StellarStudent.

This Student and Faculty Communication project aims to connect the students with their faculty with no miscommunication. It is a web-established web-based application that involves faculty uploading study materials and notices like events and placement drives, viewing certifications, and quiz results of students. Students can also communicate with each other via the exchange of images, feedback, and discussion. This application can be handled by the admin and manage students as well as faculty.


The StellarStudent is a web-based Student and Faculty Communication project for BVRIT-H students and faculty. The main objective of this project is to let college students interact with their faculties.  In this project, the faculties can upload materials, quizzes, etc. Even students can ask questions to faculties and can also upload the certificates. Our main goal is to ensure cost-effective, technical excellence, and secure apps.


To store the user data MYSQL has been used as a database. HTML and CSS have been used for front-end development. PHP is used as a server-side language, which is used to connect the front end to the back end. We can run this application in our browser.

Software requirements specifications


Student and Faculty Communication SRS describes the requirements and specifications of StellarStudent, a web-based application for the college. 


The purpose of this document is to present a detailed description of StellarStudent.


The project StellarStudent helps college students to interact with their faculties and many more. This web application can be accessed by students and faculty of BVRIT HYDERABAD College of Engineering for Women.

Overall description

The project StellarStudent is a web-based application with two interfaces: One is for students and another is for management. The website works on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices with the help of a browser.

Project Functions:

The project Student and Faculty Communication has the following product functions:

  • The web portal will provide the functionality to manage the system and the student
  • The website is secure because users must enter login details to access the
  • The system contains a huge For this reason, the search option has been provided on all report pages. The search results can be viewed in the list view.
  • The product works online with help of the internet

Assumptions and Dependencies

    • Internet connection
    • 24X7 uptime server connection
    • One assumption about the product is that it will always be used on mobile phones that have particular technical support.

Modular Decomposition of Components:

Dashboard Component

• Admin account
• Publish news
• Publish events
• Publish meeting schedule
• Add course records
• Add subject records
• Add certificate types

Faculty Component:

• Quiz materials
• Study materials
• Students record
• Faculty profile
• Certificates

Discussion Component:

• Post discussion forum
• Discussion reply
• View discussion forum

Quiz Component:

• Upload quiz question
• Attend quiz exam
• Quiz result

Study material Component:

• Upload notes
• View study materials

Certificate Component:

• Upload certificates
• View Certificates

Upload certificate by student Screen

View Uploaded Certificates

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