Online Test Management Application Project Synopsis

Online Test Management:

Online test application will provide an Online platform wherein students will attend online objective questions. Grades will be provided as per the number of questions that were answered correctly. This concept will use an admin panel as the backend for loading the questions and also identify whether the student has selected a correct answer or not. Questions will be segregated on the basis of different subjects.

The option will be there to add subjects also. Admin panel will be saving the data and communicating with DB via web service or API.  It will have a flow wherein a subject will be selected and that will load respective questions. Once all questions are answered result will be published there and then.

A student can see grades as per the number of questions that were answered correctly or will calculate the marks for all correct answers and show percentage of marks.

The whole process of conducting the test and checking them and then grading them was a tedious manual process and time consuming too. This whole process can be avoided by adapting to a new online text conducting application that will allow  a easy to approach UI wherein students can save their answers and also being graded much faster and their by publish results soon.

This software will also be secured as it will provide code match system which admin will provide to the student which each of them has to enter to start the exam. Student will also register themselves to appear to this exam. After successful registration admin will approve the registration and then the student will login to the online application system. We can also implement time constraint check for the completion of the exam after which student cannot attempt any question.

User Types: Admin and Student



  • Subject: Will have the option to add subjects for which questions will be uploaded.
  • Questions: This module will select a subject and then add questions to it along with correct answers for the same. This actually helps in checking whether student gave the correct answer or not. This part is basically admin panel which manages the question and answer that are save in DB and then provide instant results too.
  • Student: Admin will approve student registration for attending test online. Will also post results for different subjects for which student has appeared.
  • Grades: Admin will define grades as per percentage of correct answers given by the student. All those calculation are taken care in this module.


  • Exam: Once logged in a student will have set of questions which will be objective and he or she has to select the correct answer. It  will be a UI with questionset being loaded on the basis of the subject selected.
  • View Result: This module will be a UI where in result will be shown in a grid grouping them subject wise. Grade and percentage of marks will also be shown for the student who has appeared for the exam.

Contact Us: Will show info related to contact numbers and also search filters.

Future Enhancements:

  • We can provide email notifications and SMS integration. This will require web service or API integration with SMS providers and SMTP configuration to handle emails. It will notify students once results are posted by admin.
  • Add Blogs that can be posted by students.
  • We can plan a social platform in the same application where in students can chat with other registered students. Can also like comment and share posts from other students. Admin can also post info and students can access it. Post pics and share them too in groups created by students.

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:
Database: Sql Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as the back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

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  1. hello,how can i get this project sample ,i m a student and for my last semester i want to make project but i dont know how to start and i uave 15 days only ,please help me

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