Automatic Low noise indication & Speaker/mic volume adjustment in class room

Automatic Low noise indication & Speaker/mic volume adjustment in class room

Traditional classroom

Problem Statement:

  • For traditional classroom learning environment, there is a problem that Instructor can’t identify whether the students in class room can hear the instructor’s voice in uniformly.

Proposed System:

  • Instructors can identify whether he/she should increase the voice.
  • When audio frequency becomes low, the instructor gets a notification that he/she should boost up the voice for hearing the audio to the entire class room uniformly.

Smart classroom

Problem Statement:

  • In smart classroom, we have speakers. For increasing the speakers volume accordingly to the instructors low or high voice we may need a manual help.Every time manually increasing the volume high/ low for the convenience of learners is an uncomfortable task.

Proposed system:

  • When instructor voice is low/high than a particular frequency, then the Frequency analyser will identify the frequency and sends the information to the server.The speakers will adjust the volume to a normal frequency for the convenience hearing of learners.
  • When student voice is too low/high, the hand set mic will also automatically adjust volume.

Software requirements:

Software part consist of the data base application program and the server program

  • Android
  • data base is implemented in MySQL

Application program can be implemented with android programming language using

  • Android studio.


  • The server is implemented using apache tomcat, nodejs

Hardware requirements:

  • Mobile device
  • Personal computer
  • Speakers
  • Frequency analyser
  • Electronic components

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