Virtual Class Room Project Report in Asp.Net

Introduction to Virtual Class Room Project in Asp.Net:

This undertaking is resolved to give both educator and scholar the fitness to do their businesses adequately and powerfully without all the more leaving their spots. The task is basically depicted as displaying a certifiable protest (i.e. classroom) into workstation planet. As in the pure essence the learners can see their instructor composing on the plank or educator can see understudies talking or anybody can prefer freedom to make inquiry.

The developing prevalence of online world and e-memorizing acquainted the unique terms with instruction, for example “virtual classroom”. Might be in the close destiny learners should not run over to anyplace to take confirmation. The notion “virtual classroom” describes a re-enactment of the pure classroom that empowers users to go to a class from anyplace through Web and gives a picking up background.

When we research the ebb and flow “virtual classroom” activities we perceive that they might be bunched chiefly in a few classes. In the top of the line the ventures are planned to take a shot at minor LAN (the result of NetOP Ensemble is an illustration of such undertaking) that might be utilized as a part of a school or any training focus. The second sort of ventures is that are composed to work through Web that permits it to be utilized ordinarily. (The result of IBM Ensemble is an illustration of such activity). The aforementioned frameworks are planned consistent with their working surroundings that they have offbeat lands because of their practice zones.

  • A whiteboard that instructor and learners utilize to draw pictures, compose capacities showcase message and so forth. Then again moreover instructor can play editable slides on this plank. The sheet normally looks like “MS Paint”.
  • An Aggregate talk Load up (a talk framework that empowers to speak progressively with the on line users).
  • Question and Response Load up (it’s like newsgroup framework in our specialty that is not precisely ongoing conveyance device.)
  • Slide Demonstrate (a range that slides might be viewed).
  • Student Control (Regulating the movements of the scholars such as not playing amusements or forestalling the scholars to make certain occasions).

Download  Virtual Class Room Project Report in Asp.Net.

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  1. hey…i need the source code of virtual classroom based on .net.
    Plz send me the code on my mail.
    thank you…

  2. please can you mail me the source code of Virtual Class Room Project in Asp.Net
    Please send me the code on my mail.
    thank you…

  3. Hi, Your project looks very good. I want to implement the same. Could you send the project source code file and Database file scripts(if any).

  4. This project looks excellent. I need source code and sql scripts for virtual-class-room-project. Please provide ASAP.
    Thanks in advance,

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