Automatic Power Meter Reading System Using Gsm Network

AIM:Automatic Power Meter Reading System Using GSM Network projects main aim is to improve the method of monitoring and recording the power meter. This application uses GSM technology which is used in mobile communication. Using this application power meter reading will be sent to user Mobile number through SMS using GSM technology.

DESCRIPTION: In present generation usage of technology had grown to a higher extent in every field. But there are many fields automation is still to be done one among them is power meter reading system. This system will provide automation and high security. In this system we use GSM mobile communication technology for sending power meter reading information to users through SMS(short message service).

In present situation there is no automation process. We need to go to e-seva or electrical department for paying bill which is a time taking process. This project will provide security and secure transaction methods which will decrease mismatching cases. In this paper we will explain in detail using block diagram. 

download  Automatic Power Meter Reading System Using Gsm Network Project.

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