Project Abstract for College Account Package Project

Introduction to College Account Package Project:

College account packages deals with the records of students, staffs and other records in a single database. At present there are various institutions that make use of this system and this system is really aiding for the administration to keep all the minute details regarding students and staffs in a particular database used by administrative personnel.

As there are development in technology and technology wraps up all the spheres from institutions to corporate offices. The system provides secured access of the data. This system is designed in an integrated manner so that it becomes flexible enough to use.

By using this system administrative personnel can access fees module of the staffs, students’ fees billing, and library maintenance with book labeling all can be done. It can easily keep the financial details of fee receipt. The application can be useful for admission process of students, recruitment of staffs and to engender various reports that are related to the institutions.

It is customized application which is easy to use and fast as well. One can easily track any of the information that is desired regarding students or employees on a single click of mouse. By using this system one can save lots of time in keeping every details about every students along with staffs.

There are various sections on which the system performs. In the staff section this system aids in managing the payroll system, attendance of the staffs and other details about the staffs. In the section of student this system is truly aiding as it serves the administration in every possible manner from fees collection to provide transfer certificate to the pass-out students.

The personnel can easily work on this system without wasting much time. This system also works for keeping financial details and utility details like library, books and others. Financial details include different financial activities. 

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