Approaches to the Strategic Management Process

Below are the approaches to the strategic management process:

Process 1:

                   This approach of the strategic management process is generally carried out in five steps and the management can make the employee understand the strategy by following these five steps and they are: firstly, employees need to think strategically and they also need to have conceptual tools. Secondly, the strategies must be understood by the employees. The third step is to build the strategic alignment across the organizational structure as a major requirement. Fourth, reflection of the strategy implemented should be done on the structure of every employee work particularly on the employees of critical regions. The fifth one is that the organization must be buy- in to the strategy.

Process 2:

                        This process includes five tasks and they are: as a first task, Business Mission and Strategic Vision should be developed and then the objectives should be set up as the second task. The third task is to achieve the objectives by crafting the strategies and then these strategies should be implemented and then executed as the fourth task. The fifth task will be completed by performing various activities like reviewing the fresh developments, estimating and determining the performances and originating the counteractive adjustments.

                               This indicates that various activities like identification of internal weakness and strengths, problems of the environment and its opportunities are involved in the strategic management. This step is called “Analysis or Diagnosis” or simply called as “SWOT analysis”. And the further steps are carried based on the selection, implementation and estimation. Creating a solution as an alternative one for the problem is the aim of these steps, and the other aim is establishing an organizational structure to make the strategy work for giving support for the strategy, to develop the required policies and plans, determining the working status of the strategy by gathering the feedbacks and then implementing steps to start the working of the strategy.

                                The strategic management has another significant stage and that is analysing the environment, this stage focuses on making the employees understand about the situation faced by the organization in the current condition. The organization activities are influence by various factors that are caused internally and externally and this impact can be estimated by analysing the environment. The analysis of environment can discover the strong problems and chances for the organizations and further this can also support in the strategy development in an organization. Significantly two environments are analysed in this stage of strategic management process and they are external environment and internal environment.

The external environment is included with two environments that are general environment and immediate environment. The general environment covers the outside area of the organization like Political, Economic, Social and Technological. The immediate environments are the area where there will be a lot of competition for the organization that may damages the company growth. The internal environment includes the internal analysis and Vision and Mission statements.

The internal analysis deals with the analysis of internal area of the organization and Vision and Mission Statements will analyse the actual purpose of the organization. By monitoring these tasks the management can generate clear strategies for the organization and can communicate these strategies for the employees to make them perfectly work for the organization with experiencing a good job satisfaction.

Generally the attitudes of the employees vary from person to person.  The common attitude of an employee is never to bother too much about the business strategy. Employees commonly focus on their work. But the performance of the employee will be developed a lot when he is aware of the strategy that is implemented in the organization. The employee can perfectly understand the strategy when it is properly communicated to them.  

So organizations must focus on the process of communicating strategies to the employees.  The management initially analyses the drawbacks that are to be avoided and then they will focus on the communication process of these strategies for the employees of various divisions in the organization. The main aim of this research is to identify the role of managers in communicating the organizational strategies to the employees and in doing so improving employee performance.  The  following questions are identified in order to research this issue.

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