An Overview of Secure Shell CSIT Paper Presentation

The research paper An Overview of Secure Shell CSIT Paper Presentation deals in creating greater security measures while working over internet. Internet- that has now almost become inevitable to the entire process of communication. A vast overflow of information in a given scenario like this needs an equally efficient security back-up. Secure Shell is a protocol that provides authentication, encryption and data integrity to secure network communications. This research paper elucidates the various security measures.

Scope of Secure Shell Protocol: Implementations of Secure Shell offer the following capabilities: a secure command-shell, secure file transfer, and remote access to a variety of TCP/IP applications via a secure tunnel. Secure Shell client and server applications are widely available for most popular operating systems.

Security Requirements: The research paper talks about the following security requirements.

  1. Confidentiality: the information being transmitted should not be accessible to unauthorized third parties.
  2. Integrity: Unauthorized parties must not be able to incorporate modifications in the data.
  3. Authentication: Both the parties must identify each other and must abide by the norms thoroughly.

Benefits of Secure Shell: The research paper identifies various benefits of Secure Shell Protocol. Secure Shell offers a good solution for the problem of securing data sent over a public network. The research paper talks about using Secure Shell and the Internet for securely transferring documents and work products electronically. It also talks about cost saving over other traditional methods of data/information transmission.


The research paper talks about the Secure Shell technology and its indispensable value in providing with network security tools that help compliment system and data security. Secure Shell encrypts remote connections and helps administrators decide which means of authentication they require. Additionally, Secure Shell enables to create secure remote backups and tunnel other TCP-based traffic. Secure Shell secures your mission-critical data from eavesdropping.

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