App Store and Apple iOS

App Store 

App store is the facility provided by the Apple iOS and third party software developers can develop the required Apple iPhone softwares and utilize them. Different Apple iPhone applications can be browsed or downloaded using this App Store and the services can be of free of cost or chargeable based on the application required.

A separate software development kit is available with the Apple iOS, where it provides some APIs to develop the required software components and allows the third party developers to develop and distribute the required applications.

Applications that were developed are subjected to the license agreements and approval of Apple is required to or distributes any application across the iTune store of App store. Thousands of applications are available with the App store and the users can download them easily and they need to pay for the paid applications available with the App store.

Developers are provided with the standards SDK to develop the applications for iPhone and iPod based on their requirements and should get the approval of Apple before selling them or using them.

Third party applications are made available with the App store and its count is around 3, 00,000 by the end of year 2010. Whenever a user or enterprise wants to develop and application and made it available on the Apples App store, they should use the SDK provided by the Apple iOS and place a request for the Apple approval.

Apple will make all the third party applications available in the App store and the users can download the applications by paying few bugs to the Apple. Recently Apple has launched many App Stores across the country and it is considered as the best successful innovation from the side of Apple.

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