An Advanced Mac Protocol MIMO WLANS Project

Introduction to An Advanced Mac Protocol MIMO WLANS Project:

A format where digital messages are exchanged inside a system network is called communication protocol, MAC or Media access control is such a data communication protocol which acts as a data link layer sub layer. It is part of a 7 layer computer network OSI model. The physical layer of the network and the logical link layer use MAC as an interface between the two.

Communication service by MAC Channel includes

  • Unicast
  • Multicast
  • Broadcast

If the two devices are connected in a network through a wireless medium it is called a wireless LAN network or WLAN network. There are different types of wireless technology used around the globe in WLAN’s. In order to better the connection capacity and the range among the access point and a client station, a new wireless technology is used called MIMO or multiple input or multiple output wireless networks. For this type of wireless communication networks, the standard used are mostly specified in IEEE 802.11 specs.

This project deals with drastically lessens the chance of collision across a network during the case of multi user access streams, CSMA/CA scheme which is advanced is suggested for solving the constant collision problem.  The main disadvantage or drawback of the 1EEE 802.11 system was it had huge block delays during communication and no throughput was happening.

The proposed system displayed an encouraging throughput and there was a considerably improvement in the delay factor. Moreover the proposed system protocol helped in processing large number of data requirements rate applications across a host of networks. The constraint which has very less delay is also managed as effectively with this new protocol. A control channel is not required at all for the transmission of data, moreover the probability of collision is so much less as its dependability is on clusters contending.

Download  An Advanced Mac Protocol MIMO WLANS Project.

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