Aluminum Alloys Latest Seminar Topic for ECE Branch 2012

Introduction to Aluminum Alloys Latest Seminar Topic:

Aluminum has brought a revolution in metals and it has been used in almost every engineering design. Aluminum has outstanding property which exhibits high strength and low density and is light weighted. To increase the properties of aluminum its alloys are being developed and used extensively. The aluminum alloys are use used in extensively in aircrafts, ships and automobile design. Aluminum honeycomb produces one of the strongest material and exhibits very light weight properties in terms of weight ratios. In this paper we will discuss the preparation of aluminum honeycomb materials and their usage in engineering designs.

Brief on aluminum honeycomb:

Honeycomb cores are used for sandwiched structures which are widely available in variety of materials. The properties of  honeycomb materials depends upon the size of the cells and thickness and they can be easily conform to a structure without any excessive mechanical force or heating. These are used for giving stiffness to very light laminates and occupy very small area. The expansion method is the primary method used for the manufacturing of honeycomb materials. We can produce honeycomb materials by using corrugated process.

Corrugated process is mainly used to produce materials with higher density. The most common honeycomb cell configuration is the standard hexagonal cell configuration which is currently available in all metallic and non metallic materials. Different compression rests are performed on the honeycomb materials to check the strength of the materials.

Applications of honeycomb materials:

The aluminum honeycomb materials are mainly used in structural materials. These are used in aircrafts for designing of leading and trailing edges and stabilizers. These are also used in manufacturing of missiles satellite launch vehicles and automobiles.

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