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Introduction to Night Vision Device Seminar Topic:

Now since we have deeper understanding regarding area and the use of NVD after reading previous article letter some of deeper concept .On how this things work. A quick recall on what exactly is Night Vision Device (NVD) .We saw how it was used for military purpose,

How it was used for when applying the concept of thermal imaging, then how physics was applied while creating NVD .Let’s take a case study of US military to know about Night Vision Device. Some of the well known NVD device used is AN/PVS-14 which used by US citizen and its military .The thermal imaging technique we have discussed works on infrared technology. 

Now let’s see how the US military advanced after using generation 3 NVD.One of technology Panoramic Night Vision Goggles was tested on the basis of NVD. A nice example of PNVG.

PNVG stands Panoramic Night Vision Goggles.

Generally seen in the aircraft system which require information such as altitude, speed of plane in air this all are integrated into aircraft system based on the concept of NVD.

See this figure you must have seen in lot of Hollywood Bollywood movies a person wearing such type of helmet during border fight.

I stand for Integrated which means one can see from his naked eye as well as from the system generated eye. System generated eye means it captures the images of surrounding with use of NVD that helps to easily capture even at night. The color on the entire NVD device is that they produce green light.

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