Online E-learning System .Net Application


Online E-learning system is a web application. This is developed using, C#.Net & SQL Server to provide support to students who want to learn online. All the information like programs, courses and books are provided to the students in this application.

This application uses internet technologies to provide knowledge to the students about various topics. Only registered users can add, view or post any questions about books.This application provides efficiency and effectiveness in providing education to the students.This system makes easy communication between students and lectures by enabling the chat feature.

Existing System:

In the existing system, details are done through manual records. These records are entered in a manual process. This process takes a lot of time, separate workers need to maintain the databases. All the subject details are stored via separate databases. It will take a long time due to this process time waste, money waste. Difficult to maintain the fees and accounting reports of courses in a proper way.

Proposed System:

The proposed system provides a user-friendly interface. This system computerizes all the details of courses and materials. Large volumes of data can be stored with the case. Maintenance of file is flexible. Records stored are updated now and then. Stored data and procedures can be easily edited. Reports can be generated with the case. Accurate calculations are made. Less manpower requires.


Student Module:

A student can get registered and get the username and password.student can view all the details of the application. A student can view course details page and display books and images page.A student can add and view question regarding books.student can communicate with others in the chat application.

Admin Module:

Admin can login to the application with valid credentials.Admin will add new books, images and new courses to the application.Admin can view all the questions posted by students and he can add new questions to the application.


Our project online learning has successfully provided better and easy way for online education.Our project creates the best way to the student to communicate online regarding the subject.

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