Electronics Project on Active Kiosk with Speech

This project Electronics Project on Active Kiosk with Speech system is a brilliant tool to access and refer information automatically. This project is targeted mostly at Tourist information/Bus timings etc. The high point of this project is its flexible nature and easy-to-use features. It can be further coupled with an audio source to communicate pre-stored information about departure, timings, etc.

electronics-project-on-active-kiosk-with-speechSince the inception of the 80’s, the microcontroller based display units have assumed importance and their demand has been increasing. These mechanisms find use in clock display units, pointer based instruments. Also, in field instruments where adjustments of field readings is done and the most obvious use is hand held gadgets used commercially.

The Electronics Project on Active Kiosk with Speech project is just the beginning point for proper use of microcontroller chips. Thus it makes use of hardware parts supported by software which is built in the microcontroller chip. One section of keypad is given to the input port of the motherboard which houses the microcontroller chip and the output is read from the output port connected to the display unit (7 segment).

The input data which is to be fed to the 89C51Micro-controller chip is done so by pressing keys on the input data keypad. This chip then manipulates the input data given by means of a software and transmits it to the output port. The output port comprises of a seven segment display which gives a visual view of the output as specified by the input.


The project explained here can be further modified to accommodate features that will display information about timings, product information, etc. This project is mainly designed on 89C51 microcontroller chip. This chip is an Intel architecture based chip.  This system can be implemented in places where high rates of precision and accuracy in display unit are required. Furthermore this project exhibits versatility and consumes low power owing to its compact size. It offers a vast control range as it is built on a memory which can be reprogrammed.

Download ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document on Active Kiosk with Speech.

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