Health and Social Organizations Information Portal

Description of the project:

This is an information portal which holds all the information regarding the events conducted by some social organizations (like NGO) and their registered volunteers. It is a website which acts as a platform between the charity/social organizations and the volunteers who participate in those events.

As per the event requirement an organization sends a request to the website (like “an organization wants to launch a blood donation camp and needs a work force of total 30 members where 10 members are doctors and others are volunteers who take care of other things”).

Depending upon the requirement of the event one organization is going to launch the posts requests to some volunteers who are presently in inactive state (i.e., presently not involved in any other event). At this stage the request posted by the organizations will be in pending mode. This request will be pending till the volunteers required for the event are met. In case for the first time if the requirement is greater than the resources the admin sends this event information to some other volunteers.

After the requirement is met a mail is sent to the concerned charity/social organization that their event has been approved and these are the people who will be participating in this event. In the same way a message is sent to all the people who have been selected for that event as volunteers.

We also have a registration field for the new people who are willing to participate in the event as volunteers. Here we have two specifications for a new volunteer that is (a) knowledge transfer and (b) general volunteer. In detail:

(a)               Knowledge transfer registration à this is a scenario for a volunteer who is a busy doctor but is really interested in helping or participating in an event so with his help we get some valuable information in the form of document, video and audio files. Which will be available for the users after the doctor approves the material prepared.

(b)               General volunteer registration à this is a general volunteer registration scenario where a normal user and the doctor who is interested to participate in that event. Now it could be any of the above two ways new volunteers have registered they can login and view the events going to be launched and send their accepted views of participation. Only thing is that no volunteer can be assigned a new event if he is already under an event.


  • Admin module: In this module admin deals with the uploading of all the related information of a topic , selecting the volunteers, sending request to volunteers and organisations and accepting/rejecting response sent by them.
  •  User module: In this module registers into the site and can access all the information related to the posted by the admin, replies to the request sent by the admin to attend as a volunteer for an event.(doctor can also be treated as a user when he is willing to attend as a volunteer to the Event).
  • Charity organisation module: In this module charity can post an event requesting n No. of people required to conduct an event. Gathers all the necessary information required to conduct an event. Messaging is done with the volunteers who are assigned to conduct an event. 

Technical Environment:

  • Microsoft framework 2.0
  • Microsoft C# language
  • Visual Studio 2005 IDE
  • Microsoft SQLserver2005
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Sp4 or higher
  • Microsoft ASP.Net 2.0

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