A Study on Employee Safety and Welfare Measures at Ready Mix Concrete Company

Objectives of the Study

  1. To know the procedures and policies followed in the organization.
  2. To study whether the health, safety, and welfare measures followed in the organization are according to the Factories Act. 1948.
  3. To know the opinion of the employees regarding the health, welfare, and safety provided in XYZ Ready Mix Concrete Pvt Ltd.
  4. To know the impact of health, safety, and welfare facilities on the performance and productivity of the employees.

Scope of the Study

The Scope of the study covers the importance of health, safety, and welfare measures in the production and productivity of Ready Mix Concrete Pvt Ltd., Bangalore. The sampling units at the company are restricted to staff and employees. The overall sample is taken as 50 employees. The project covers information related to all the departments of the Bangalore Plant of Ready-mix Concrete Pvt Ltd.

Research Methodology

Every research, Project, or study will have a process flow of doing it. The methodology is nothing but the process or the step-by-step process or the algorithm of carrying out the study or the research. In this study also the regular process has been adopted to identify and study the employee safety and welfare measures in ready Mix Concrete Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.

Research Design:

Research design is the basic guideline for the research study. As the present study is to know the satisfaction of employees towards the welfare measure undertaken by the industry. The researcher has adopted a descriptive research design.

Area of Study

The study has been conducted in Ready Mix Concrete Pvt Ltd., Bangalore

Sampling design

The researcher followed simple random sampling, which is one of the types of probability sampling.

Sample Size

The sample size consists of 50 employees.

Methods and Tools of Data Collection

The researcher has used an Interview schedule for the study, which consists of questions relating to health, safety, and welfare measures.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The schedule was coded and transferred into the master sheet in the form of numerical. It was processed manually using statistical methods majorly the percentage method.


The limitations of the study are as follows:-

  • The study is restricted to the employees and staff of Ready Mix Concrete, Bangalore.
  • The questionnaire consists of 20 questions. The questionnaire may not cover the whole topic.
  • The Time frame for completing the Project
  • The availability of the head of the department and the external guide and the time spent by them apart from their regular works
  • The analysis is based on the questionnaire and the respondent’s mood matters while answering the questionnaire
  • The seriousness of employees in filling out the questionnaire.


Scientist feels that mindfulness for well-being is very low among workers. So steps might be embraced to expand the mindfulness and requirement for security. The administration needs to focus on the way that the respondents feel that the machines, types of gear, and instruments are not very much planned and kept up. The reactions of the workers in regard to the level of fulfillment of welfare measures are bunched in the acceptable locale. The administration may find a way to change over these into very attractive.

The representatives are not happy with the vehicle offices given by the port, strides might be taken to give offices, particularly for representatives who need to work night shifts. The states of the restrooms and havens might be made strides. They might be given satisfactory offices for rest. Crèche office ought to be given to the representatives.


A larger part of the respondents feels secure while working in the material industry and feel that the well-being measures help to decrease the seriousness of mischances. The review again demonstrates that there is a grouping of respondent’s assessments in the palatable locale with respect to the level of fulfillment of welfare measures. This uncovers a larger part of respondents are happy with the current welfare measures. The administration may find a way to change over these into very tasteful. The few welfare measures which were dissatisfactory with transport offices, rest room offices and the time slip by. The administration may focus on these zones to build the fulfillment level of representatives towards the welfare measures.

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