A Study on Application of Advertising through Mobile Phone Framework among Various Types of Goods and Services

The study was conducted to analyze the use of mobile advertising in consumer behavior when purchasing goods and services. The study aims to analyze the impact of various factors affecting the satisfaction of mobile users’ SMS and to understand the importance of SMS as an advertising channel/tool. It is designed to study how companies treat their customers through advertising on mobile phones and to study consumer behavior towards advertising on mobile phones.

The study examines whether mobile advertising can be an effective means of advertising to customers in Dubai. A key ingredient in this study is consumer perception of mobile advertising. Emerging applications and dynamic developments in social networks provide great opportunities for future research.

The main purpose of this study was to find out the interest of Dubai mobile customers in mobile advertising. Research helps companies understand how to reach their customers and sell their products and services through mobile advertising. It helps you take care of sending SMS, and covers all aspects with good content, as well as product features, ease of use, and benefits.

This study is of an exploratory and descriptive nature. The sample size was 100 consumers, including young students, businessmen, and professionals who use mobile phones. The questionnaire was used as the primary source for collecting the initial data. Preliminary data and interviews were conducted. Additional information was collected from journals and reference articles as a secondary source of information. The convenient selection method is used as a tool to collect the necessary information from the population.
International and national articles, publications, and books were obtained as additional sources to gain conceptual knowledge identify gaps in research, and deepen understanding. The data were analyzed using tables and graphs and statistical tools such as Chi squares.

The results show that SMS Marketing has been around for several years and has recently become one of the most sought-after marketing tools. Like the rapid change in advertising media, the use of mobile phones for marketing has increased. Companies are looking for services that need to be economical and economical.

Companies doing business in Dubai need to use digital marketing services to promote their business and increase sales, so you need to think about it and start today. If companies do not invent new advertising methods, sooner or later companies will stop working. Businesses have to choose mobile advertising in Dubai today. There are many advertising options to make a profit, but the quality has deteriorated due to a large number of advertising agencies, so if a business is looking for a reputable company to conduct a marketing campaign, it will help reach the right customer at the right time.


  • To study the application of Mobile advertising in the marketing of goods and services.
  • To study the Cost-effectiveness of sending Bulk SMS
  • To study the impact of mobile advertising on consumer behavior focused on purchasing activity.
  • To understand the significance of mobile phone advertising as a Promotional Channel/Tool.
  • To analyze the impact of various factors influencing SMS on mobile user satisfaction.


The present study was undertaken with the objective of analyzing the impact of Mobile advertising on consumers. The study aims to analyze the impact of various factors influencing SMS on mobile user satisfaction and to understand the significance of SMS as a promotional channel/Tool. It is intended to study how companies are approaching their customer through Mobile advertisements and to study consumer behavior towards the Mobile advertisement.

The study is done in Dubai. The data were collected through personal interviews as well as the schedules of the respondents. The Hypothesis of the study was framed based on the factors like the creation of awareness, and interest, informing or persuading the customers, sharing communication, updating of offers, and brand recall. Chi-square analysis is used to analyze the data given by respondents and also to test the hypothesis.

From the study, it is found that most of the respondents are subscribed to the services like job alerts, education tips, examination alerts, and current affairs. Also, it is found that Mobile ads are not able to create interest and persuade customers and do not suit personal needs. Further, few respondents use Mobile advertisements as a reference to buy the products and most of the respondents do not believe in Mobile advertisements.

It is suggested to the company make Mobile ads more creative and attractive to draw the attention of the receivers and the message should contain useful information instead of junk information. Further, promotional messages should be sent to the target customers and innovative measures should be adopted to increase the conservation ratio of the receivers. These suggestions will definitely help the companies to fill the gap that is created between customers and companies.

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