Study on Best Human Resource HR Practices in Software Services Company


This study is conducted in Software services and it contributes to our understanding of human resource (HR) practice’s impact on organizational effectiveness.


  • To study the effectiveness of current hr practices in Software Services Company
  • To compare past and present HR practices in Software Services Company
  • To analyze if any new improvement is made in the new HR practices
  • To give proper suggestions for HR practices in Software Services Company
  • To analyze Software Services Companies to achieve their goals through best HR practices


  • Accuracy may not be possible (to compare the overall population, the sample size is less)
  • Mumbai branch alone is considered for the survey for Software Services Company.
  • The main limitation of the study is the lack of time.
  • Due to time constraints, the sample size taken for the study is small.


The topic for the research study is trends in HR and the nature of the topic is theoretical and descriptive. So the conduct the research study the type of research suitable is descriptive research only. The data are collected from company records, employees, and customers of the companies performing in IT and other sectors. The descriptive research has met the requirement of the research study.


  1. The company should not consider political, economic, or social factors for recruiting employees. Hence the company will not lose talent.
  2. The company can provide more motivational activities for the employees. This may improve the performance of the employees.
  3. The company can recruit more women employees, as there are only a few women employed in the company.
  4. More relevant training programs should be given to the employees, as it helps in the performance of the employees.
  5. The career development of each & every employee could be monitored. Each employee can also be given counseling individually, as it may help in the career development of the employees.


The project study in “Best Human Resource Practice” at Software Services Company was to determine the Human resource practices of the organization.

Software Services Company provides the best performance appraisal for the employees which helps to improve the performance of the employee. The health and safety measures provided by the organization to the employees are found to be good for the organization.

The study provides valuable information about the Human Resource Practices of the company. From the study, it came to know that the human resource practices of the company are carried out in the best way.

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