A Framework for Connection Establishment in Optical Networks ECE Term Paper Project Report

Introduction to A Framework for Connection Establishment in Optical Networks  Term Paper Project:

Due to new emerging internet applications the requirement of bandwidth is increasing to satisfy these upcoming applications, therefore wavelength division multiplexing, WDM has emerged in OPTICAL communication. This wavelength division multiplexing divides the available bandwidth into multiple wavelength search wavelength is divided in such way that operates at its peak electronic speed. In this present network have 40 Gb/s of transmission capacity on a wavelength.

But the user require sub-wavelength capacity of ranges from 155 Mb/s to 622 Mb/s and also rarely in gigabits per second range. Therefore alternate for provision of sub-wavelength traffic in wavelength division multiplexing networks has found significant attention in this recent past.

To allow multiple traffic on time multiplexed wavelength, we need to divide sub-wavelength traffic into time slots so that a single wavelength can handle multiple traffic which is a present scenario. Hence CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access is developed in which a wavelength bandwidth is shared across multiple users.

Therefore WDM can be referred as multi-wavelength, multi-code or multi-time slot network.Wavelength converter is a device which converts an optical signal to one wavelength to another and similarly an optical signal is converted from one time slot to another by time slot inter changer device.All-optical implementations of Wavelength converter (WC) and time slot inter changer (TSI) are expensive so cannot be implemented for nodes in the network. By using passive components like fiber-Bragg gratings,CDMA code converter can be implemented.

High-capacity light path from a low-rate traffic can be accomplished in different dimensions by multiplexing it, examples are WDM, TDM and CDMA. In this paper we are going to give describe the problem of a clear traffic network link and node information efficient representation with different types of switching architectures.In this papera framework is developed for connection establishment which is called MICRON and abbreviated as Methodology for Information Collection and Routing in Optical Networks.

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