Integrating Optical Technology in Packet Switching Networks PPT

Introduction to Integrating Optical Technology:

Due to popularity of internet, it has gone with paradigm shift in telecommunication network from voice to packet switched networks. This has led to bandwidth explosion. Due to which optics data are directly transferred which led to reduction in cost and complexity of network.

Optical networks: it is a data optimizing network in which they use switches and routers that are integrated for optical interfaces. They are directly connected by DWDMs.  In case iffailure occurs then IP router request for new light to connect around the failure. Components used in this network are programmable. Basically they use OADM. Switching is mostly used for connecting optical links with the use multiplexor and demultiplexors. Continuous transmitters are used that have slow synchronizing time and WDM couplers to mix the input signals and send these to all out going signals.

Optical packet switching:   if it is implemented then optical processing is done in the carrier networks, they can be done in optical pane.  New technology must be developed so that we can read the packet reading headers, instead of switching optical signal fordropping bits.

Intelligence: It is used so that we multifunctional capable and client transport infrastructure support. It is required by metro segments since they use devices running at optical rates in terms of wavelength.

Optical service management is flexible solution for transport network. New solutions are needed for customers to control service efficiently, and monitor real time service status and performances.

Automation: for the growth of networks, it requires automation, for the development of electromechanicalswitches and electronic switches. Now a days optical network is handled manually, and it is time consuming and costly.  It extends automatic calculation for optical routes.

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