Seminar Report on 4G Technology in Telecommunication

Introduction to Seminar Topic on 4G Technology in Telecommunication:

It means fourth generation.  This technology is new it might be available to us by 2015. It is being used in Kolkata. But rest of the country still does not have 4G technology. It is generally the advance version of 3G. 4G is the fully based on the IP. It will give the very high speed of 100mbits-1Gbits. It is will provide high security and best quality.

This technology is able to show high definition television on our multimedia big screen mobile or pc. 4G is now also the part of mobile world.  It can access from anywhere using mobile. They can provide the speed up to 100mbits for moving user and 1gbits for stable users. It doesn’t have the feature of CDMA.

Most importantly is provides the IPv6 support. It means it consists of large number of IP address and large number of wireless enabled device. For the services like 4G there should be advanced antenna systems for higher and better data transmission.

This technology is far better than 3G but its cost is much higher.

Other technologies:

–          1G: this technology uses analog data transmission over cables. They are being used in the 1980s.

–          2G: they are launched using GSM technology in 1991. They are digital systems. It provided the service of SMS through mobiles. They have low powered radio signals so the life of the battery is more in respect to time. These are basically used for voice transmission as they are slow. They can provide maximum 236kbits speed of internet.

–          3G: they are very better than 2G as they have higher data transmission speed. It also introduced the feature of video call. They can provide the internet speed up to 14mbits. This technology is basically used for video conferencing.

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