Work to Worker Project in Java

Work to worker Project–services to un organized sector  is  changing the  present trend of   engaging  work to un organized sector like  mason, carpenters, gardener, painter etc. Using this system general public or organized sector user can select the workers as per their need. In general to attend our household  activities workers are employed through agencies,mediators or by themselves etc.People who employs workers are unaware of their skill, charges,  dedication, behaviour etc. To make the  direct and complete intervention of customer while employing a woker the present system is used.

Work to Worker Project

Sticking to business needs of customers this system attended services of carpentry, home repairs, gardening.  Both customers and workers can view details at any point of time. With this system you simply get into your account with your password and can select the workers with a few clicks of the mouse.

Purpose of the Project 

Work to worker is the option by which the public and organized sector can perform actions like
1. Select a worker.
2. Employ a worker.
3. Rate a worker.
for the convenience of their home repairs.

This system gives employment to un organized sectors like mason, plumber, and carpenter etc.

They can perform actions like

1. Select a customer.

2. Interact with customer.

All the customer and workers requires is a PC with an internet connection and login id and password to use this facility.

Existing System

The existing system is in the form providing services to customers. Customers include Individual houses, Corporate Maintenance, Construction Support. Sticking to business needs of customers such systems attended services of carpentry, homerepairs, gardening etc. The system accepts the request for a worker by customer and acts as service providers between customers and workers.Workers are enguaged to attend the needs of customers.

 Problems in Existing System

1. Customer is not avail of worker skill and experience who is working for him.

2. Availability of a particular worker is not known.

3. Workers are not included (registered) as part of this system.

4. Feedback of workers is not maintained in this system.

5. Communication between stakeholders is not maintained before start up of the work.         

6. Workers are not directly included as part of this system.

Download Work to Worker Project source code in Java with ppt , documentation, project manual.

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