Smarter Work Management System Java Project


Smarter work management system is a project that provides real time visibility and control over resources, projects, and applications across the organization.

This system helps in streamline workflow to improve efficiency and productivity and simplify day-to-day tedious monitoring. Smarter work management system is a project developed to achieve the complexity of interaction between running components.

Existing System:

In the existing work management system, all the data is maintained as records manually at a warehouse which can be a manual job, leading to discrepancy in customer’s work rules. Customers have no method to manage/access their booked space, or view their transaction details.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a Smarter Work Management System which can make a warehouse management a simple process. Transaction records and reports generation can be done easily. This Smarter Work System maintains a centralized database.



Admin gets login with a valid username and password. Admin can view the application home page. Admin can view performance page. Admin can view user page and users registration page. Admin can assign times and view users timings page. Admin can view time submission page. Admin can update performance.


Employee can login by getting registered with the application. Employee will get a unique username and password. Employee can vie time page and assigned time page. Employee can view and trace the performance page.

Software Requirements:

Programming Language : Java
Web technologies : JEE (Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
Database : MYSQL
Scripting : JavaScript
Browser : IE / Mozilla / Chrome
Operating System : Windows/Linux


Our Smarter Work Management project work management system has successfully in managing the data. This is a web based application which allows distributed access developed using java and MySQL technologies. This allows users to store online entry transactions and this system sends automatic notifications.

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