One of the most sensible ways of improving teaching is to ask the students for feedback. At the end of each teaching period (semester or term) all colleges ,universities & schools survey their students. Usually these surveys are managed manually by paper work based approach. Paper based approach for students feedback management  is a labor intensive process.We have developed Web Based Feedback Management System to provide feedback in an easy and quick manner to the authenticated users. So we call it as Student Feedback Management System which delivers via the student, staff interface as web based system which acts as a service provider.By using this technology we can make fast feedback about the staffs by students, on time to head of departments as they referred in web based system. This project has two kinds of modules such as student and admin. The student can give feedback in web based system provided by college staff. This feedback report is checked by the admin. They can view grades obtained to the lecturers and give this report to the principal and he conducts counseling to the college staff.


Web based feedback management system is a web based application that provides platform for the colleges to conduct student’s feedback. This Web based system is the best place to find feedback report according to the requirement such as feedback given by the various kinds of students and so on and it is the efficient place to get feedback analysis and maintain security. Students will fill the web based feedback form. In this work, security is also maintained. The result of feedback is only visible to authenticated user. Web based feedback is an integral feature of effective and  efficient  learning and teaching. It can be one of the powerful way to enhance and strengthen student learning. Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, but this impact can be either positive or negative.

Literature survey

Existing system:

In Existing system,colleges are using printed survey paper as the primary mechanism  to collect feedback from students.The paper based  feed back approach is labor intensive  process. A typical survey cycle begins with departmental staff placing orders for survey foams for every section. The office is responsible for printing the foams and sending them to departments. Once the forms are ready upon receipt of the forms, the departmental staffs prepare packets for each sections and deliver the packets to the faculty. The faculty members take survey to their classes and departmental staff members administers the survey. Once the surveys are returned to the department, feedback is evaluated and consider the overall grades and the result documents are included in appropriate departmental files.

Normally, a portion of a regular lecturer session is devoted to the distribution, Completion and collection of the paper based surveys. whether the class sessions in which these surveys are conducted are announced are not. The sample gathered depends on the class attendance for that single session. The processing of these feedback is expensive time consuming prone to error compared to web based approach.

Proposed system:      

The survey of teaching is usually administered at the end of the term, before the final examination. The web based student feedback management system requires very small number of steps that need significant human intervention. The results become available more faster proving opportunity  to administer survey more frequently during the term. The web based feedback management system provides student with a greatest opportunity to complete the survey at there convenience and when they have access to the web. All of the students in the class are have equal access to the web based feedback management application. None of the student loose the opportunity because of being absent from class as they do when the instruct administers the paper based survey. The great advantage  is results from the interim surveys can be used to modify the course materials and teaching methods while the course is in progress. It also reduce the cost and time required to get the feedback and reduces paper work.


Revision of frequency

Web based approach offers distinct advantages when institution wants the flexibility of using different survey questions for different courses in web based feedback management system questions can be revised,modified with relative case.

Reduce survey cycle time

          Because the web based feedback management system requires very small number of steps that needs significant human intervention the result become available more faster proving  opportunity to administer survey more frequently during the term.